Hareitage is led by Eleanor Watson-Wailes.

Eleanor has worked in several roles within the arts and heritage sector including delivering the visitor experience at some of the largest attractions in the country; major public event management; creating and managing commercial activities; risk and compliance management; preventative conservation and historic buildings management for organisations such as the National Trust and the Royal Horticultural Society.

Hareitage was conceived to bring together the best of arts and heritage on the web all in one place. A single place to find jobs and news relevant to you and your career.

We truly believe in learning from others so the Posts and Reviews are there to help you to do it better. Whether to help you planning an event or looking for a way to improve where you work, we hope this section gives you ideas or allows you to crack that problem you've been struggling with.

The opinions expressed are wholly our own and do not reflect any of the organisations the contributors work for or have previously worked for. They are our experiences and thoughts. We encourage you to be inspired and visit some of the places we review yourself and see what you think.

All contributors have worked within the sector for many years and are handpicked due to their experience in their particular field.

We hope you find our corner of the web useful, so grab a cup of tea and make yourself at home. If you've got any thoughts/comments/suggestions, please get in touch with us here